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Scuba Diving in Perhentian Islands

Perhentian is a true paradise for divers. Its crystal clear water with the penetrating of sunlight sometime up to 25 meters makes diving in Perhentian is totally different from other places . Perhentian featuring more than 3000 species of marine creatures. Some of the best which can only be found here.

Scuba diving in Perhentian Islands are guaranteed a fabulous experience for divers. Many of them keep on coming again and again to Perhentian Islands to explore the underwater world. On each trip, they enjoy different excitement and experience.


Where are the diving sites

One of the top locations in Perhentian Islands is Tokong Laut. This spot also known as the Pinnacle. The rocks are protruding from the seabed and surrounded by magnificent beautiful corals. They are a lot of species of reef fish and unique marine life that can be found in here. There are also three (3) popular wrecks to dive in Perhentian: –

  • The Sugar Wreck (70m long or more) –  the sunken freighter in year 2000, is one of the favorite places for divers in Perhentian Islands which is considered as an easy dive.
  • Police Wreck – 3 boats at the depth of 18m
  • The Secret Wreck – the old freighter, below 38m depth is suitable for experienced and qualified divers.

What can you expect to see

If you are looking for a memorable diving holiday, Perhentian Islands are bound to have special for you. The abundance marine life which you can expect to see turtles, reef sharks, barracuda, trevallies, bumphead parrotfish, grouper, mackerel, stingrays, lionfish, angelfish, butterfly fish and many more.

The weather

The weather in Perhentian Islands is tropical with air temperature range 24 – 34 degree Celsius and water temperatures from 25 – 30 degree Celsius throughout the whole year. The visibility depending on the location and time of the year ranges from 10 – 45 meters. During monsoon season from November to January, is wet season and diving activities are not available.

If you wish to have PADI certifications, Perhentian is a good place for you to consider. There are many diving schools on the island that are significantly cheaper in price compared to anywhere else around the world.

PADI Dive Shop

  • Quiver Dive Team – Perhentian Kecil. Email:,                                     Phone: (60) 12-2138885
  • Ombak Divers – Perhentian Kecil. Email:, Phone: 609691 1029
  • Pro Diver’s World – Perhentian Besar. Email:,Phone: 6096911705
  • Anti Gravity Divers – Perhentian Kecil. Email:, Phone: 6012 921 239  
  • Universal Diver – Perhentian Besar. Email:,Phone: (60) 17-9128297
  • Bubble Dive Center – Perhentian Besar. Email: +60 12 983 8038
  • Flora Bay Divers – Perhentian Besar. Email:, Phone: (60) 9-6911661
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